CELPRWORKS installation study with CELPR3VLO

Year: 2019

CELPRWORKS interactive installation consist of CELPR3VLO multitasking sculptures for co-working and collaboration to facilitate and encourage connectivity and explore solutions to providing networking, display and work space for local artists, students and guests.

The installation will be able to accommodate configurations for artist talks and presentations, meetings, spontaneous collaborations, workshops, performance, individual seating for standing, sitting, looking, lounging, reading, and stretching. The CELPR’s can be reconfigured to stack and form a room divider or wall relief for storage and display. The model prototypes are fabricated in wood and can be fabricated in a variety of materials and 3D printed. Submergable CELPR’s can be utilized on coral reef restoration projects

Shapes cut from prototype fabrication will be used as wall mounted shelves. The installation includes plants and exhibition space available for each member of the co working space as they utilize the space.


Digital rendering with CELPR3VLO model