CELP model sculpture studies

Year: 2015 – 2018

The CELP model is a public art project for a sculptural model of the elevated garden path originally proposed for the Miami Beach Botanical Garden per the invitation of the director Cindy Brown to create a sculpture for the garden. This series is related to the bambusa lapiz model study series exhibited at the Sustainatopia Art exhibition April, 2014. The large scale elevated garden path sculpture features  edible plants and herbs that provide a space for aromatherapy, composting, and garden workshops, an event and performance space, as well as a venue for art, and environmental workshops, discussions, and events.Originally  titled  CELP  “Lapiz”, the garden pavilion would incorporate green features, including rainwater collection and solar powered night lighting. For MBBG I visited the garden and took photos of the ponds – observing the prolific algae growth and that the small pond is a spawning area for frogs. I noticed that both ponds would benefit from aerating aquatic plants and a fountain due to algae and have begun researching algae powered batteries,.The edges of the hydroponic sculpture will be smoothed for a vertical lilly pad effect for a hopping habitat for amphibians and reptiles, a turnpike for edible vegetation rendered with water lettuce and will generate a cooling mist bubble every fifteen minutes. Photo renderings and models.