Upcycled CNC cut outs from CELPRV4HRLT, bamboo and  wire sculpture with iron on butterfly transfers of images based on an enlarged Miami Blue Butterfly whose populations have been threatened with extinction due to climate change. Suspended on the winding bamboo spiral as if given stealth strength and the Miami Blue Butterfly will find near atomic strength in numbers and return.. The upcycle sereis explores applications for the waste from the subtractive method of manufacturing that can be adapted to provide creative sustainable solutions that examine and proactively address issues of  up cycling waste  in the fabrication process. Online outreach for BERM is #butterflyextinctionrebellionmovement and have an outreach program of diatributing BERM iron on butterflies to raise awareness of the need for sustainable practice in real estate developement, green space, climate action, species extinction, the need for bio diversity in urban area and also to address the waste issue in the construction  industry. The title was inspired by a talk by author Daniel Pinchbeck and his advocacy for the Extinction Rebellio0n activist group that has outreach for climate action. The CELPR series plywood models are prototypes for large scale 3D robotic printed models.