Growing the Future of Our City, GFC

Year: 2013

A sculptural installation of a model for a living hybrid bio structure – bambusa major multiplex with cascading garden paths reaching out and interlocking. The labyrinthine walkway models are formed with aluminum air duct filled with wheat grass plantings harvested to provide juice – a gesture suggestive of the 1982 ‘Wheatfield – A Confrontation”” project by Agnes Denes in lower New York where 2 acres of wheat were planted then harvested for making bread. The high concentration of chlorophyl in wheatgrass provides many health benefits including visionary enhancement. Similar in spirit to the optimism that propelled and infused Yves Kleins “Air Architecture” with his aspirations for connectivity and “arriving in a new era in the human realm regarding nature and the universe” bambusa major multiplex appears as a rendering of a utopian dream but exists as an attainable and innovative futuristic solution. 

Downtown Art Days, Miami.

    GFC (Growing the Future of our City) rendering, Miami, 2013