CELPR series

Year: 2016 – 2020

The CELPR (Celpivor) model series evolved with the CELP model, the shape was based on the shadow of the CELP elevated garden path sculpture model. They are multifunctional sculptures that explore design and technology as a plant base endeavor, fusing the functional and sculptural. The large models were created with Rhino software and Grasshopper Voronoi definition, 3D printed, laser cut and the plywood was CNC milled . The 3D printed removable inserts created for the large CELPROSECO models are for plants (such as the natural sweetener stevia, crassula, sedums, herbs, maybe even watermelons etc ) and other necessary items serve as models for a sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable housing development and artist zones. The small CELPR models are printed in PLA (a bio degradable plant based filament) and future models could incorporate solar features or bioluminescence. They can be printed or cast in materials such as bamboo or  wood filament, ceramic, recycled glass etc, the large models can be fabricated in various woods, bamboo plywood, eco friendly composite boards etc. The bendable plywood for the CELPRV4HMRLT is a poplar plywood sourced in Miami. The models were created on Makerbot and other 3D printers in Miami and NYC, plywood CNC milling and laser cutting was done at Moonlighter Makerspace in Miami and the large models were assembled at Miami Industrial Arts and Moonlighter Makerspace.